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Paula Brouwer
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Queens is run by Paula Bouwer. An originally Canadian, who always loved baking. At home, Paula’s parents had a large vegetable garden and were always cooking and baking with fresh ingredients. In the Netherlands, Paula started a career in the banking system, but after a while she wanted to change. The passion for baking turned out to be too big. The dream to start a business with the most delicious cakes and delights started with her daughter Lisette. In 2008, they decided to take a jump and so did Queens began. A cozy tea room for breakfast, lunch and high tea. In 2014, a second lunchroom took place at Eemplein under the name Queens Royal Bakery. At the bakery we do all the baking. Not only our cakes, but also the bread is homemade. You also can book a room at the Queens City Hotel and explore the city by booking an arrangement at Amersfoort City Trips.